“Drifting” by On and On


When I turned to look at where you should’ve been, I started drifting.

I tried to stare into your eyes and realized that there was something…

The other day I was tired..tired not only because I got 4 hours of work before my 8 hour work day…but just tired from hustling. Shooting as much as possible, and then still being hard on myself. I always feel like I haven’t shot enough, or the final product could be better.

Then I heard this song. The lyrics seem to be a bit more about a significant other, but to me they translated to a personal fight to make a career out of doing something you love. I feel good about my work lately, and realized that there has to be a balance of pushing yourself…AND still pushing to get better on a daily basis.

Whatever that artistic drive is in your life, keep pushing…once you push past the point you thought you couldn’t…breakthroughs happen.




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